Woman sentenced after pleading guilty to 2019 murder of Heidi Broussard

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Friend of dormant TX mom charged pinch kidnapping

Friend of Austin mom recovered dormant charged pinch kidnapping 03:24

Texas prosecutors announced that Magen Fieramusca pled blameworthy to nan 2019 execution of Heidi Broussard, who was recovered strangled a week aft she and her 3-week-old girl Margot disappeared. 

Fieramusca, who waived her correct to appeal, was sentenced to 55 years successful prison, Travis County District Attorney José Garza said successful a connection connected Thursday. 

"We are hopeful that this result will bring immoderate closure to nan Broussard and Carey families and thief them proceed their treatment process," Garza said. "This result will prevention nan families from having to strengthen nan difficult post-conviction litigation process."

heidi-broussard-and-magen-fieramusca.jpg Heidi Broussard and her girl Margot, left. Magen Fieramusca, right. 

Fieramusca, 37, was a adjacent friend of Broussard, 33, for much than 20 years. Authorities said that Fieramusca acted for illustration she was expecting a kid astatine nan aforesaid clip arsenic Broussard arsenic portion of a plot to kidnap her baby

According to an apprehension affidavit, Fieramusca abducted Broussard successful Austin connected Dec. 12, 2019 and packed her into a achromatic duffel. Broussard's assemblage was later found successful nan trunk of Fieramusca's car. Her kid was recovered live and was reunited pinch her family. 

Broussard was besides nan mother of an older child. 

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