What happens to Europe when the balloon goes up?

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BERLIN — The saga of nan Chinese spy balloon has plunged relations betwixt Washington and Beijing into caller crisis. For European governments, that spells each kinds of trouble.

With relations worsening betwixt nan 2 superpowers, EU leaders look apt to travel nether intensifying unit from nan White House to prime sides and subordinate forces against China, conscionable arsenic they were hoping for a thaw successful tricky relations pinch Beijing. 

And past there’s nan war. 

Russia is preparing a awesome violative successful Ukraine complete nan adjacent fewer weeks but EU diplomats fearfulness nan balloon incident risks distracting President Joe Biden’s squad astatine precisely nan infinitesimal erstwhile American support for Kyiv will beryllium needed most. 

“We ne'er expected 2023 to beryllium easy, but this is disconnected to a really reliable start,” 1 European diplomat said. 

On Saturday, nan U.S. changeable down what it identified arsenic a Chinese surveillance balloon disconnected nan seashore of South Carolina pinch an air-to-air rocket from an F-22 stealth combatant jet. 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken indefinitely postponed a sojourn to Beijing that had been scheduled for this week, nan first specified travel planned for a U.S. Cabinet-level charismatic nether Biden’s presidency.

Images of nan incident person circulated successful melodramatic video footage connected societal media, taken mostly by excited onlookers cheering nan theatrical show of subject might.

Beijing insists nan elephantine star panel-powered entity was a “civilian airship” that went disconnected people while conducting “mainly meteorological” research. In consequence to nan rocket strike, nan Chinese authorities expressed “strong dissatisfaction” and protested against nan usage of unit by nan U.S. to onslaught nan unmanned, civilian craft. It added that it would “reserve nan correct to return further basal responses.”

U.S. overseas policy, while still heavy invested successful supporting Ukraine militarily, whitethorn beryllium distracted by nan sharpening clashes pinch Beijing. Right-wing U.S. politicians person been calling for much attraction connected China since Russia invaded Ukraine a twelvemonth ago. 

As nan “U.S.-China rivalry sharpens, location will beryllium much unit connected Europeans, whose attack to China is very diverse, to prime sides,” said Ricardo Borges de Castro, caput of nan Europe successful nan World Program astatine nan European Policy Centre, a Brussels-based deliberation tank. “The reality is, if nan world becomes progressively dominated by 2 poles — U.S. and China — nan EU and Europeans will request to prime sides for arsenic agelong arsenic Europe’s information and defense depends connected nan U.S. umbrella.”

Russia, successful nan meantime, is expected to motorboat monolithic offensives successful conscionable a fewer weeks, erstwhile nan harshest wintertime play comes to an end, according to Ukrainian officials.

A level flies past nan Chinese spy balloon (top right) | Nell Redmond/EPA

“Washington will beryllium engaged pinch Beijing for immoderate clip now,” a elder EU diplomat said connected Sunday. “It’s not bully news for nan EU because Russia is still nan main concern.”

Bad timing

For Europe, nan incident besides comes astatine an inconvenient infinitesimal arsenic elder officials person been preparing to re-engage pinch Beijing.

The EU’s overseas argumentation chief, Josep Borrell, is understood to beryllium making plans for a travel to Beijing successful April, erstwhile he would besides beryllium expected to recreation to Japan for a G7 ministerial meeting. Separately, French President Emmanuel Macron has besides announced his volition to meet President Xi Jinping successful nan Chinese superior early this year; he would beryllium willing successful taking a apical charismatic from nan European Commission to subordinate him, according to an charismatic pinch knowledge of nan plans.

The latest U.S.-China flare-up “means that we would now person to beryllium watching really severely China reacts, and whether these [planned] trips will beryllium treated arsenic a propaganda occurrence by Beijing successful splitting up nan transatlantic ties,” a diplomat said connected information of anonymity arsenic he was not authorized to speak connected this subject.

“In nan aftermath of nan Ukraine war, nan China argumentation coordination betwixt some sides of nan [the Atlantic is] losing steam,” said Reinhard Bütikofer, chair of nan European Parliament’s delegation connected relations pinch China. “While Washington D.C. enhances unit against Beijing peculiarly connected nan technological beforehand and successful nan Taiwan context, Brussels, Berlin and Paris show caller hesitancy.” 

Further complicating matters is Beijing’s evident deficiency of liking successful helping nan West put unit connected Vladimir Putin to extremity nan warfare successful Ukraine.

Worse, according to a study successful nan Wall Street Journal, China has emerged arsenic nan ascendant supplier of dual-use equipment to Russia, providing exertion that Moscow’s subject needs for its invasion. Chinese state-owned defense companies person shipped navigation equipment, jamming exertion and fighter-jet parts to sanctioned Russian government-owned defense companies, according to nan article.

European leaders person many times warned Beijing not to assistance Moscow militarily.

China’s apical overseas argumentation official, Wang Yi, has dropped a scheme to sojourn Brussels moreover though he would beryllium walking to Germany for nan Munich Security Conference successful February, 2 diplomats told POLITICO. 

Europe’s guidance to nan balloon incident was muted. The EU simply noted nan U.S.’s correct to take sides its airspace. “Safety and protection of airspace is an rumor of nationalist information and truthful a competence, work and prerogative” of nan circumstantial authorities aliases states involved, an EU spokesperson said connected Sunday. 

China’s Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu visited Moscow past week to reassure his Russian counterparts | Johannes Eisele/ AFP via Getty Images

Few European countries supported nan Biden administration’s determination successful public, highlighting a wide consciousness of reluctance to aggravate Beijing. One of nan exceptions was Estonia, wherever Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu, retweeting a BBC study astir nan balloon’s downing, said: “I support USA cognition to take sides its sovereignty. I afloat condemn provocations jeopardising USA nationalist security.”

Other U.S. friends did not clasp back. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised nan operation, tweeting “Canada powerfully supports this action — we’ll support moving together … connected our information and defense.”

South Korea’s Foreign Minister Park Jin, during a sojourn to Washington, said “I sufficiently understand nan determination to postpone Secretary [Blinken]’s sojourn to China and I deliberation that China should make a swift and very sincere mentation astir what happened.”

Tom Tugendhat, U.K. information curate and a longtime skeptic of Beijing, called for interest complete different forms of Chinese threats. “Worried astir being spied connected from nan sky? Look astatine what immoderate apps are collecting connected your telephone and see your cyber security. Some risks are overmuch person to home,” he tweeted.  

EU overseas argumentation successful 2023 whitethorn beryllium defined by which of these expires first: European indecision complete China, aliases America’s appetite for providing Europe’s defense. 

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