Two missing Missouri children found at Florida supermarket nearly one year later

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Two kidnapped Missouri children were recovered astatine a supermarket successful Florida aft astir a twelvemonth of being missing, constabulary said.

The 2 children had been missing since March 15, 2022, the High Springs Police Department successful Florida said. They were recovered connected Wednesday astatine a Florida Winn-Dixie pinch their non-custodial mother, Kristi Nicole Gilley, constabulary said.

Gilley, 36, was detained and arrested connected an progressive kidnapping warrant retired of Clay County, Missouri, they said.

Officers were capable to find nan 2 children aft doing a regular tag cheque connected Gilley's vehicle, which indicated that nan vehicle's proprietor was a fugitive, constabulary said.

The 3 were identified, contempt having disguised their identities. It was not instantly clear really precisely their identities were disguised.

The children were turned complete to nan Florida Department of Children and Families Services and will beryllium reunited pinch their family, constabulary said.

Chantal Da Silva

Chantal Da Silva is simply a breaking news editor for NBC News Digital based successful London. 

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