Sergio Perez omitted as Max Verstappen lists F1 rivals who are "capable of winning" title

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Verstappen said he sees Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, Charles Leclerc and moreover Lando Norris arsenic imaginable threats, but grounded to adhd his Red Bull team-mate's sanction to that list

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Max Verstappen grounded to mention his team-mate Sergio Perez erstwhile reeling disconnected a database of drivers he feels are tin of fighting for nan Formula 1 title if fixed a competitory car.

Verstappen is gearing up for different play which originates successful a fewer weeks – a 2nd into which he comes arsenic nan defending champion. He romped to nan 2022 title pinch nearest rival Charles Leclerc a whopping 146 points adrift by nan extremity of nan year, truthful ascendant were nan Dutchman and his Red Bull team.

The spread to team-mate Perez was 149, arsenic he comfortably won that intra-team battle. His 15 title victories compared to nan Mexican's 2 besides demonstrated that location is simply a immense spread for Perez to adjacent if he is to equine a superior title situation to his workfellow this year.

It remains to beryllium seen who other will beryllium successful nan hunt. Ferrari will expect to equine a little brittle situation this twelvemonth pinch Leclerc and Carlos Sainz again down nan wheel. And, aft a 2022 play to hide for Mercedes, some Lewis Hamilton and George Russell will beryllium hopeless to beryllium backmost successful nan hunt.

Speaking astatine Red Bull's play motorboat event, Verstappen name-checked Leclerc, Hamilton, Russell and Lando Norris arsenic existent threats to him this twelvemonth if their cars are competitive. But he grounded to mention his chap Red Bull driver Perez, while Ferrari's Sainz was besides omitted from his list.

Asked by Sky Sports if he sees Hamilton arsenic vulnerable of a threat arsenic others this year, Verstappen said: "Of people he is. He's been 1 of nan top drivers ever successful nan athletics so, for sure, if he has nan car to do it past he tin conflict for nan title again. That's nan aforesaid for George, for Charles and for Lando – if you springiness them a car which is tin of winning a championship, they can.

Max Verstappen was speaking astatine Red Bull's 2023 play motorboat arena successful New York City (


Sky Sports F1)

"It's besides astir erstwhile you person nan car and nan unit comes – you cannot spend mistakes, aliases astatine slightest not large mistakes. That's a small spot of a different unit to have, but I'm assured that erstwhile these guys get connected a roll, it is possible. They each person nan talent to do so."

Speaking astatine nan aforesaid event, Perez told reporters including Mirror Sport that nan cardinal to catching his team-mate this twelvemonth will beryllium consistency. He said: "I was capable to lucifer him astatine nan opening of past play but past I had a very unsmooth play during nan mediate of nan season. So, that will beryllium nan astir important facet of my season, to find that consistency level.

"In a fewer races [in 2022] we took nan incorrect guidance pinch nan setup, truthful we had a unsmooth play of races that put maine retired of contention. It's important to not person days disconnected successful that regard, and to situation for wins each weekend. It's specified a agelong twelvemonth that it's really important to return it 1 by one."

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