Save Room Is a Fitting Companion Piece to the Resident Evil 4 Remake

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Resident Evil 4 is 1 of nan astir influential games of each time. It not only revolutionized nan franchise, but besides third-person shooters and scary games arsenic a whole. Creators down titles for illustration Dead Space and The Last of Us have been pretty open astir really overmuch Resident Evil 4 influenced them. Those much evident examples often propulsion from Resident Evil 4’s tempo aliases third-person perspective, but nan 2022 puzzle crippled Save Room went successful a different guidance wholly by focusing connected neatly fitting items into an attache case. And while nan Resident Evil 4 remake has its ain attache case, Save Room is simply a good companion portion to Capcom’s latest and champion remake.

The Resident Evil 4 remake’s attache lawsuit tin still beryllium tinkered pinch and moreover has a much precocious personification interface that streamlines crafting. However, it’s besides been mostly automated. Clicking successful nan near instrumentality shuffles everything together neatly, arsenic if it were powered by an A.I. trained connected really players person obsessively packed their execution briefcase complete nan past 18 years. 

Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 were from different time. Resident Evil 3 was anemic and disappointing yet deserving of…

There’s still an occasional request for manual tampering since it doesn’t harvester partial stacks of items aliases ever make room for immoderate oddly shaped weapons, but it mostly cuts retired nan busywork of making judge nan TMP fits adjacent to nan Riot Gun, RPG, 4 stacks of pistol ammo, 8 shotgun shells, and 3 herbs. It’s not a bad change, but those puzzle-oriented moments were satisfying successful their ain correct since they were mini much cerebral breaks interspersed betwixt nan high-octane combat sequences. 

Save Room makes players do each of this rearranging manually, and this alteration is why it’s champion played alongside nan Resident Evil 4 remake. It understands that nan process was a joyousness successful and of itself and has 40 puzzles based purely connected that process. 

But it’s not conscionable making up for a much downsized portion of Resident Evil 4 because it’s besides conscionable a rewarding puzzle game. Slotting successful guns to fresh weirdly shaped attache cases makes for inventive encephalon teasers that use from nan Resident Evil group dressing, but don’t solely trust connected it. The measurement it starts integrating point combinations, reloading wrong nan menu, crafting, and wellness guidance does cleverly merge classical Resident Evil gameplay, but it besides leads to much layered puzzles that consistently present caller wrinkles. It’s not a awesome homage that’s a mediocre puzzle game; it’s a awesome puzzle crippled that is besides a awesome homage.

Save Room besides celebrates Resident Evil 4, overmuch for illustration nan Resident Evil 4 remake, but successful its ain way. Samuel Ribeiro, designer and programmer astatine developer Fractal Projects, told Did You Know Gaming that he adored Resident Evil 4 increasing up and not only loved nan game’s scary gameplay, but besides its relaxing inventory system. His emotion compelled him to make Save Room arsenic an homage. It’s evident erstwhile looking astatine nan gameplay from a macro constituent of view, but it besides manifests successful nan smaller elements for illustration nan music, nan measurement nan admittedly sparse menus unfastened and close, its clicky sound effects, really point descriptions popular up, each nan references wrong nan items themselves, and its trophies, a fewer of which repetition speech lines from nan iconic merchant.

The Resident Evil 4 remake respects nan original game, but Save Room is simply a immense fanboy of it. There’s a difference, arsenic nan remake expands upon nan 2005 classical to carve its ain path, while Fractal Projects’ puzzler is unabashedly trying to salary tribute to specified a small, but memorable characteristic successful nan original and emulate each mini item recovered wrong it. It’s a delightful coincidence that nan remake’s inventory strategy is much simplified since that gives Save Room much room to shine. The 2 make a fitting pair, which is apt since Resident Evil 4’s point guidance systems are each astir fitting and pairing.

Disclosure: The patient provided a PlayStation 5 transcript for our Save Room feature. Played connected type 1.000.000