Pence postpones South Carolina trip because daughter is in labor

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Former Vice President Mike Pence is postponing a travel to South Carolina Monday because his daughter, Charlotte Pence Bond, is successful labour successful California, according to a Pence adviser. 

The imaginable 2024 campaigner was slated to sojourn nan authorities connected Monday for a roundtable pinch rule enforcement successful Charleston and a meet-and-greet organized by nan Horry County Republican Party successful Myrtle Beach, S.C. 

The travel would person been his ninth travel to nan Palmetto State since leaving nan White House successful January 2021, and it would person taken spot conscionable 9 days earlier nan erstwhile politician of nan state, Nikki Haley, is expected to formally denote she's moving for president.

Pence has regularly been visiting early statesmanlike superior states successful caller months, arsenic he mulls his ain imaginable White House bid, and has been gathering pinch cardinal constituent groups, including rule enforcement officials.

South Carolina, which is nan 3rd authorities to ballot successful nan Republican superior process, has attracted a batch of attraction among 2024 statesmanlike hopefuls from some parties successful caller months. Former President Donald Trump made his first run stop in nan authorities successful precocious January to denote his activity team, and connected Saturday, nan Democratic National Committee voted to make nan authorities nan first to clasp a Democratic statesmanlike nominating title successful 2024. President Joe Biden had urged nan DNC to reorder its ain nominating process in bid to alteration "voters of color" to person a sound overmuch earlier successful nan nominating process. For decades, Iowa and New Hampshire person been nan first to measurement successful connected statesmanlike candidates.

Charlotte Pence Bond is 1 of 3 of Pence's children.

Fin Gomez and John Woolley contributed to this report.

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