Nicola Bulley's partner issues heartbreaking statement as hunt for missing mum continues

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Nicola Bulley's partner Paul Ansell is pleading for answers successful nan woman's disappearance and said that her daughters 'miss mummy desperately'. Nicola went missing connected January 27

Nicola Bulley pinch her partner Paul Ansell

Nicola Bulley pinch her partner Paul Ansell

The partner of Nicola Bulley is pleading for answers arsenic nan hunt for nan missing mum continues.

The 45-year-old vanished connected January 27 successful St Michael's connected Wyre, Lancashire, and since past constabulary person been perpetually looking for her.

Nicola had dropped her 2 daughters, aged six and nine, disconnected astatine schoolhouse and past went connected her accustomed canine locomotion alongside nan river.

Her phone, still connected to a Teams telephone for her occupation arsenic a owe adviser, was recovered connected a chair connected a steep riverbank overlooking nan water, on pinch nan canine lead, pinch nan canine harness connected nan ground.

Officers judge that Nicola fell into nan river, but since location is thing to corroborate this mentation truthful far, they said they stay open-minded.

Nicola hasn't been seen for 10 days
The past image of Nicola connected nan schoolhouse tally connected January 27

Today, nan constabulary were joined by a hunt squad from Specialist Group International (SGI) led by forensic hunt master Peter Faulding.

In a caller connection released done Lancashire Police today, Nicola's partner Paul Ansell said everyone is hopeless to cognize what happened to her.

He added that Nicola's daughters "miss their mummy desperately" and person been going done "a reliable time" since her disappearance.

Workers from Specialist Group International move a rigid inflatable vessel into nan river (



Mr Ansell said: "It's been 10 days now since Nicola went missing and I person 2 small girls who miss their mummy desperately and who request her back.

"This has been specified a reliable clip for nan girls particularly but besides for maine and each of Nicola’s family and friends, arsenic good arsenic nan wider organization and I want to convey them for their emotion and support.

"We are besides really grateful to Peter and his squad from SGI for coming up and helping support nan activity of Lancashire Police arsenic they proceed their investigation.

Peter Faulding originates aiding nan hunt for Nicola Bulley (


James Maloney/LancsLive)

"If anyone has immoderate accusation which could thief find Nicola, I impulse them to get successful touch pinch nan constabulary and thief america supply nan answers we each truthful severely need."

It comes arsenic constabulary released CCTV images of Nicola connected her Ring Doorbell earlier she went missing.

Nicola Bulley seen connected her Ring Doorbell earlier she went missing (


Lancashire Police)

Lancashire Police said: "Nicola was past seen connected Friday greeting (January 27th) astatine astir 9.20am connected nan precocious section by nan stream disconnected Garstang Road wherever she had taken her Spaniel Willow for a locomotion aft dropping her children astatine schoolhouse successful nan village.

"Our CCTV enquiries person focused connected Nicola’s movements and whether she could person near nan fields adjacent to nan river, whether that beryllium via Allotment Lane, nan stream way starring to Garstang Road, aliases by Rowanwater astatine nan apical of nan precocious field.

Search efforts are continuing 10 days aft Nicola vanished (


Tom Maddick SWNS)

"Most of our sightings of Nicola person been by witnesses who knew her and that has enabled america to crippled her movements from nan school, on nan stream way and into nan field.

"We tin opportunity pinch assurance that by reviewing CCTV, Nicola has not near nan section during nan cardinal times via Rowanwater, either done nan tract itself aliases via nan portion of onshore astatine nan side.

"Also, we tin opportunity that she did not return from nan fields on Allotment Lane aliases via nan way astatine nan rear of nan Grapes pub onto Garstang Road.

Nicola was stepping her canine aft dropping her children disconnected astatine schoolhouse erstwhile she went missing (


Lancashire Police / SWNS)
Paul Ansell said nan full family misses Nicola and needs her back (



"Our enquiries now attraction connected nan stream way which leads from nan fields backmost to Garstang Road – for that we request drivers and cyclists who travelled that measurement connected nan greeting of January 27 to make contact. We person already done a batch of activity astir this, but each portion of footage helps america build up a image of movements connected that morning."

Detective Supt Rebecca Smith said: "The squad moving connected this investigation are wholly dedicated and wished to find Nicola.

"As a mother myself, I can't moreover statesman to ideate what her 2 children are going through.

"Please beryllium reassured that our sole attraction is Nicola and that we are doing everything we tin to find her.

"It is not imaginable to supply each portion of accusation to nan nationalist because to do truthful would detract from nan investigation, but I’d for illustration to convey everyone who has assisted america truthful acold and for nan support provided to Nicola’s family astatine this highly difficult time.

Police hunt teams by nan River Wyre successful St Michael's connected Wyre, Lancashire (



"They are being supported and updated throughout. I would inquire that anyone who was driving/cycling done St Michael’s past Friday greeting and who has dashcam footage to get successful touch pinch america if they haven’t already done so.

"I would besides inquire successful fisherman who whitethorn person been successful nan area astatine nan clip to make interaction if you consciousness you tin assist.

"I would besides entreaty again to anyone who has immoderate different footage – CCTV aliases Ring Doorbell for example, aliases immoderate different information, nary matter really insignificant you mightiness deliberation it is, to interaction america arsenic each mini portion tin thief america build up a picture."

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