New Foreign Direct Investment in the United States, 2021

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Expenditures by overseas nonstop investors to acquire, establish, aliases grow U.S. businesses totaled $333.6 cardinal (preliminary) successful 2021. Expenditures accrued $192.2 cardinal from $141.4 cardinal (revised) successful 2020 and were supra nan yearly mean of $289.7 cardinal for 2014–2020. As successful erstwhile years, acquisitions of existing businesses accounted for astir of full expenditures.

New Foreign Direct Investment Expenditures by Type, 1999-2021

In 2021, expenditures for acquisitions were $330.2 billion, expenditures to found caller U.S. businesses were $1.6 billion, and expenditures to grow existing foreign-owned businesses were $1.8 billion. Planned full expenditures, which see some first-year and planned early expenditures, were $345.8 billion.

Expenditures by industry, country, and state

By industry, expenditures for caller nonstop finance were largest successful manufacturing, astatine $121.3 billion, accounting for 36.4 percent of full expenditures. Within manufacturing, expenditures were largest successful chemic manufacturing ($63.2 billion) and computers and physics products ($30.2 billion). There were besides notable expenditures successful nan existent property and rental and leasing assemblage ($43.8 billion).

By state of eventual beneficial proprietor (UBO), nan largest investing state was nan United Kingdom, pinch expenditures of $59.7 billion. The Netherlands ($43.1 billion) was nan second-largest investing country, followed by France ($35.3 billion). By region, Europe contributed 70.0 percent of caller finance successful 2021.

By U.S. state, California received nan astir investment, totaling $64.1 billion, followed by Massachusetts ($53.8 billion) and New York ($34.2 billion).

Greenfield expenditures

Greenfield finance expenditures—expenditures to either found a caller U.S. business aliases to grow an existing foreign-owned U.S. business—were $3.4 cardinal successful 2021. For greenfield finance initiated successful 2021, full planned expenditures until completion, which see some first-year and early expenditures, were $15.6 billion.

By U.S. industry, greenfield expenditures successful 2021 were largest successful utilities ($1.2 billion) and chemic manufacturing ($0.3 billion). By region of UBO, Europe ($2.1 billion) and Asia and Pacific ($0.6 billion) had nan largest expenditures. By U.S. state, Texas received nan highest level of greenfield finance ($0.9 billion), followed by Delaware ($0.4 billion).

Employment by recently acquired, established, aliases expanded foreign-owned businesses

In 2021, employment astatine recently acquired, established, aliases expanded foreign-owned businesses successful nan United States was 236,900 employees. Current employment of acquired enterprises was 234,500. Total planned employment, which includes nan existent employment of acquired enterprises, nan planned employment of recently established business enterprises erstwhile afloat operational, and nan planned employment associated pinch description s, was 241,400.

By industry, unit waste and acquisition accounted for nan largest number of labor (48,900), followed by manufacturing (47,400). By state of UBO, Canada (46,500), Japan (between 25,000 and 50,000), and nan United Kingdom (20,600) accounted for nan largest number of employees. 1

By U.S. state, Pennsylvania had nan largest employment resulting from caller finance (44,700), followed by California (43,600) and New York (14,500). Employment for an acquired entity that operated successful aggregate states is attributed to nan authorities successful which it had nan top number of employees.

Updates to 2020 Expenditures for New Foreign Direct Investment successful nan United States
Billions of dollars

  Previously Published EstimateRevised Estimate First-year expenditures Planned full expenditures
120.7 141.4 
    U.S. businesses acquired 116.3 135.9
    U.S. businesses established 1.9  2.6
    U.S. businesses expanded 2.4  2.8
135.8  160.4
    U.S. businesses acquired 116.3 135.9
    U.S. businesses established 13.4  14.9
    U.S. businesses expanded 6.1  9.6

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New Foreign Direct Investment successful nan United States, 2022

1 Size ranges are provided for employment values that are suppressed to guarantee nan confidentiality of study responses.