Man saved in ocean rescue wanted for dead fish incident

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A man wanted by US constabulary successful a bizarre incident astatine a location featured successful The Goonies was nan taxable of a daring seashore defender rescue erstwhile he was tossed from a stolen vessel arsenic it capsised, authorities said.

On Wednesday, constabulary successful Astoria, Oregon, received a study that a man had near a dormant food connected nan structure of nan location utilized successful The Goonies, constabulary said successful a news release.

The 1985 drama escapade was based connected a communicative by Steven Spielberg.

The vessel capsized amid nan chaotic surf. (USGCPacific)

CNN connection KGW reported that surveillance video astatine nan location showed nan man laying nan food connected nan structure and making a mobile telephone video of it earlier stepping away.

Police searched for 2 days for nan man, identified arsenic 35-year-old Jericho Labonte.

On Friday morning, nan seashore defender received a mayday broadcast from a man piloting a vessel astatine nan rima of nan Columbia River, nan agency said successful a bid of tweets.

Coast Guard video showed 2 helicopters arriving to find nan vessel being tossed by waves, nan seashore defender said connected Twitter.

"The surf made rescue by vessel dangerous, truthful nan aircrew decided to little nan rescue swimmer and person nan proprietor participate nan h2o for rescue," nan tweet said.

Video changeable from a chopper showed nan rescue swimmer approaching nan vessel erstwhile a activity struck nan alloy and caused it to capsize.

The man was thrown into nan h2o but nan rescue swimmer reached nan man and nan 2 of them were lifted into a helicopter.

A man wanted by constabulary successful Oregon successful a bizarre incident astatine a location featured successful nan movie The Goonies was nan taxable of a daring seashore defender rescue. Coast defender video from nan rescue shows nan vessel, astatine right, successful distress. (US Coast Guard Pacific Northwest)

"Talk astir arriving successful nan nick of time!" nan seashore defender tweeted.

The seashore defender didn't sanction nan rescued man but posted a photograph of him being carried retired of nan helicopter.

He was taken to a infirmary successful Astoria, treated and discharged.

After images of nan h2o rescue aired, constabulary said they received a telephone from nan Astoria larboard information main saying nan alloy successful nan rescue had been stolen earlier successful nan day.

"At astir nan aforesaid time, we received calls from respective citizens identifying nan rescued unfortunate arsenic Labonte," nan constabulary news merchandise said.

After a little hunt and asking nan nationalist for its assistance, Labonte was arrested Friday nighttime astatine a warming centre successful Seaside, astir 27km to nan south, according to Astoria police.

The nonstop charges were not instantly known.

CNN is moving to find whether Labonte has an attorney.

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Police said he was wanted connected charges of theft, endangering different person, unauthorised usage of a conveyance and criminal mischief.

Police successful Victoria, Canada, had tweeted that Labonte is wanted connected warrants for criminal harassment, mischief and failing to comply.

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