Man charged with murder after dismembered body found in barrel

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A execution investigation is underway successful North Carolina aft nan remains of a man antecedently reported missing were discovered wrong of a barrel.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office said successful a merchandise that nan section executed a hunt warrant astatine a residence connected Farrell Road successful Sanford connected Jan. 25, 2023, and a connecting parcel of land.

On nan 2nd time of nan search, detectives located a 200-litre tube "in a heavy wooded area that contained actual and suspected quality remains," nan section said.

After being sent to nan North Carolina State Medical Examiner's Office, actual from nan tube was removed and a dismembered assemblage was recovered inside.

Jackie Lamar Bright (right) has been charged pinch execution aft nan assemblage of Michael Bradley Cox (left) was found.Jackie Lamar Bright (right) has been charged pinch execution aft nan assemblage of Michael Bradley Cox (left) was found. (Lee County Sheriff's Office)

The Lee County Sheriff's Office identified nan quality remains arsenic Michael Bradley Cox, who had been reported missing successful December 2022.

Subsequently, nan sheriff's agency charged Jackie Lamar Bright pinch nan execution of Cox.

Authorities opportunity Bright had been released from situation successful May of 2022 and that he was retired connected parole erstwhile nan Lee County Sheriff's Office took him into custody for unrelated charges of possession of a stolen conveyance and controlled constituent violations connected January 6.

The sheriff's agency said Bright was released connected bail and arrested again connected January 11 for nan parole usurpation and further controlled constituent violations.

This investigation is still ongoing and further charges are expected, nan sheriff's agency added.

Lee County Sheriff Brian Estes offered his condolences and prayers to nan family of Michael Bradley Cox successful a property release.

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