Man arrested for leaving dead fish at "Goonies" house after Coast Guard rescue

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A man rescued by nan Coast Guard connected Friday has been arrested by authorities aft a bizarre incident involving a dormant fish. 

The man, who has been identified arsenic Jericho Labonte, 35, was successful a yacht connected Friday morning. Heavy surf and unsmooth waves rolled nan vessel and threw Labonte, 35, into nan Columbia River, which runs done Oregon and Washington earlier opening up to nan Pacific Ocean. 

The rescue, captured successful a bid of videos that nan Coast Guard shared connected Twitter, required a rescue swimmer participate nan turbulent h2o to propulsion Labonte to safety. He was past flown via chopper to Coast Guard Base Astoria successful Oregon, wherever he was treated for mild hypothermia and transported to an area hospital. 

(1/4) #BreakingNews - Talk astir arriving successful nan nick of time! While conducting a training ngo astatine nan rima of nan Columbia River, 2 Coast Guard aerial crews received a #MAYDAY broadcast from nan maestro of nan P/C Sandpiper. After notifying watchstanders astatine Sector Columbia River

— USCGPacificNorthwest (@USCGPacificNW) February 3, 2023

Astoria Police Chief Stacy Kelly told nan Associated Press that nan yacht that Labonte was piloting was reported stolen later successful nan time Friday. 

Kelly besides said that officers had been looking for Labonte since Wednesday: He had allegedly near a dormant food connected nan structure of an Oregon location featured successful nan 1985 movie "The Goonies" connected Feb. 1. 

Labonte had shared a video of nan infinitesimal to societal media, and an acquaintance alerted constabulary to nan its existence. The video besides showed Labonte dancing astir nan property. Another personification said that he had taken Labonte sportfishing earlier connected Wednesday. 

Columbia River Rescue The location featured successful nan Steven Spielberg movie "The Goonies" successful Astoria, Oregon.  Stephanie Frith / AP

Police recognized Labonte from Coast Guard photos and video, but by nan clip they contacted nan infirmary he was treated at, he had already been released. 

"It's been a really overseas 48 hours," Kelly told nan Associated Press.

Labonte was arrested connected Friday evening, according to a Facebook station from nan Astoria Police Department. Police did not elaborate connected really he was taken into custody. 

According to police, he was wanted connected charges of theft, endangering different person, unauthorized usage of a vehicle, and criminal mischief.

Labonte is besides wanted successful British Columbia, wherever he is from, connected charges of criminal harassment, mischief and nonaccomplishment to comply. Those charges are from past fall, Kelly said. 

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