Kevin Durant "on the verge" of being traded by Brooklyn Nets after Kyrie Irving exit

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The Nets superstar wanted retired of Brooklyn past summertime and moreover asked for a waste and acquisition aft admitting he was worried astir nan guidance of nan franchise - and now a move is looking apt erstwhile again

Jaylen Brown has been mentioned arsenic a imaginable waste and acquisition campaigner for Kevin Durant - who is group to beryllium 'on nan verge' of a move

Brooklyn Nets superstar look for illustration they're fresh to activity nan achromatic emblem arsenic they are reportedly consenting to waste and acquisition Kevin Durant if nan correct connection comes in.

Kyrie Irving was sent to nan Dallas Mavericks connected Sunday aft nan constituent defender asked to beryllium traded earlier Thursday's deadline, pursuing a break down successful communications aft he was offered an hold by nan team.

The Nets received Spencer Dinwiddie and Dorian Finney-Smith from nan Dallas Mavericks, arsenic good arsenic a first-round draught prime and 2 second-round picks for Irving - a move that will weaken their roster for this play but gives them elasticity to build their early roster.

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And they could do that moreover further by trading MVP campaigner Durant, who will not want to beryllium isolated of a rebuilding squad arsenic he enters nan later years of his outstanding career.

Durant already gave nan squad an denotation that he is fresh to leave, erstwhile he handed successful a waste and acquisition petition this past summer, highlighting that he was unsure of nan guidance of nan franchise.

But aft nan Irving trade, nan 34-year-old will almost surely look to beryllium moved - particularly if a contender is to connection a woody to Brooklyn, and that is what Stephen A. Smith has projected.

Smith said connected ESPN's First Take : "I americium proceeding he is connected nan verge of perchance being moved. I americium proceeding Boston is making immoderate calls. Jaylen Brown, support your oculus connected that."

Kevin Durant is being linked pinch nan Boston Celtics

All-star Brown was linked pinch a move to nan Nets for Durant past summertime erstwhile nan second announced his desire to beryllium moved, pinch nary waste and acquisition materialising.

Brown has been tremendous this play erstwhile again, pinch he and Jayson Tatum starring nan Celtics arsenic they beryllium successful nan first seed successful nan eastbound conference.

The Celtics do person a number of players, including Al Horford, Derrick White, Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari who are a fewer players who could beryllium offered successful a package for nan superstar scorer.

But pinch nan Celtics sitting successful nan number 1 seed, while having wounded issues passim their roster, it would beryllium a astonishment to spot a woody swung. The Miami Heat, New Orleans Pelicans and Phoenix Suns are 3 different imaginable landing spots that they person been reported.

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