Jockey Jamie Moore taken to hospital after horror fall as horse is fatally injured

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Jump jockey Jamie Moore was riding for begetter Gary erstwhile Auriferous came down astatine nan 4th past flight, throwing his rider to nan crushed who was past appeared to beryllium struck by a pursuing runner

 taken to infirmary aft a crashing autumn astatine Fontwell

Jamie Moore: taken to infirmary aft a crashing autumn astatine Fontwell

Jamie Moore was taken to infirmary connected Monday aft taking a crashing autumn from a equine astatine Fontwell who suffered a fatal injury.

Moore, 38, was believed to person concisely mislaid consciousness aft Auriferous, trained by his begetter Gary Moore, came down astatine nan 4th past hurdle.

Auriferous was successful 3rd spot erstwhile putting successful a short stride astatine nan flight, propelling Moore retired of nan saddle onto nan crushed wherever he appeared to beryllium galloped complete by different runner who was incapable to debar him.

Sky Sports Racing newsman Luke Harvey said: “Unfortunately Auriferous’s autumn was fatal and arsenic you saw Jamie Moore took a crashing fall.

“I’ve conscionable spoken to his relative Josh. He’s been taken to infirmary for further examination. I deliberation he was knocked retired concisely arsenic well.

“So fingers crossed it is conscionable a small spot of clip connected nan sidelines, but it looked a really, really nasty fall. Condolences to nan Moores for losing a lovely, beautiful horse.”

Auriferous was having only his 2nd commencement complete hurdles since he was bought by Gary Moore disconnected nan Flat retired of Andrew Balding’s stable.

Jamie Moore is nan twelvemonth younger relative of apical Flat jockey Ryan Moore. Only past period their younger relative Josh confirmed his status from nan saddle aft completing a agelong betterment from a autumn astatine Haydock past April, successful which he collapsed his leg, respective ribs, suffered a punctured lung and damaged his little back.

He subsequently developed a life-threatening infection which near him successful a coma and connected a ventilator to thief him breathe.

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