Israeli forces kill 5 Palestinians linked to the Islamic militant group Hamas in West Bank raid

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Israeli forces killed 5 Palestinian gunmen linked to nan Islamic militant Hamas group successful a ambush connected exile campy successful nan occupied West Bank connected Monday, nan latest bloodshed successful nan region that will apt further exacerbate tensions.

The Palestinian president's agency called nan unit a crime, urging nan United States to unit Israel to clasp backmost connected its incursions. The subject said nan ambush was meant to apprehend a militant compartment that staged a botched shooting onslaught connected a edifice successful a Jewish colony successful nan West Bank.

The unit extends 1 of nan deadliest periods successful years successful nan West Bank and comes during nan first weeks of Israel’s caller government, its astir right-wing ever, which has promised to return a reliable stance against nan Palestinians.

The Israeli subject said it was operating successful nan Aqabat Jabr exile campy to apprehend nan suspects down a grounded shooting onslaught past period astatine a West Bank restaurant, wherever attackers allegedly were thwarted by a limb malfunction. The attackers past fled nan scene, nan subject said, adding that they were members of Hamas, which rules nan Gaza Strip and has elements successful nan West Bank arsenic well.'


The subject said it was searching Monday for nan militant compartment down nan shooting that it said had sealed itself wrong a location successful nan exile camp. During nan search, troops encountered gunmen and a weapon conflict erupted. The subject said respective of nan gunmen who were killed were progressive successful nan attempted onslaught connected nan restaurant.

"The caller Israeli authorities is continuing its bid of crimes against our Palestinian people," a connection from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' agency said.

In Aqabat Jabr, bullets were strewn crossed a blood-streaked level astatine nan segment of nan gunfight. Bullet marks pocked a doorway and solid shards from a surgery model littered nan ground.

Jihad Abu al-Assal, nan politician of Jericho and nan Jordan Valley, said nan subject was holding connected to nan gunmen's bodies. The Palestinian Health Ministry later confirmed that 5 Palestinians had been killed.


Speaking astatine an arena astatine nan tract of a caller deadly Palestinian shooting attack, Netanyahu confirmed earlier reports by Israeli information officials that 5 gunmen were killed.

Palestinian protesters artifact a roadworthy pinch burning tires successful nan West Bank connected Feb. 6, 2023. Israeli forces killed 5 Palestinian gunmen successful a ambush successful nan occupied West Bank connected Monday.

Palestinian protesters artifact a roadworthy pinch burning tires successful nan West Bank connected Feb. 6, 2023. Israeli forces killed 5 Palestinian gunmen successful a ambush successful nan occupied West Bank connected Monday. (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)

Hamas said each 5 of those killed were members of its equipped wing. Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qassem said nan unit would beryllium met pinch a response.

"Our group and their guidance will not hold successful responding to this crime," he said.

The ambush comes days aft an earlier incursion successful nan Aqabat Jabr camp, which is adjacent nan Palestinian metropolis of Jericho, a godforsaken oasis successful an area of nan West Bank that seldom sees specified unrest, wherever troops were besides searching for nan suspects.

Since nan shooting astatine nan adjacent settlement, nan Israeli subject has blocked entree to respective roads into Jericho — a closure that has placed nan metropolis nether a semi-blockade, disrupting business and creating hourslong bottlenecks astatine checkpoints that affected moreover Palestinian information forces, footage showed.

Monday’s unit comes days aft an Israeli subject ambush connected nan Jenin exile camp killed 10 Palestinians, mostly militants but besides a 61-year-old woman. The adjacent day, a Palestinian shooting onslaught extracurricular an eastbound Jerusalem synagogue killed 7 people, including a 14-year-old.

The Israeli service has ramped up near-nightly raids successful nan occupied West Bank since a bid of deadly Palestinian attacks wrong Israel past spring. Over nan past twelvemonth of escalating raids, Jericho has remained a benignant of sleepy godforsaken town, spared overmuch of nan violence.


The Palestinian Authority, successful retaliation for nan ambush into nan Jenin exile camp, declared a halt to information coordination pinch Israel.

Nearly 150 Palestinians were killed past twelvemonth successful nan West Bank and eastbound Jerusalem, making it nan deadliest twelvemonth successful those areas since 2004, according to figures by nan Israeli authorities group B’Tselem. Since nan commencement of this year, 41 Palestinians person been killed successful those territories. Palestinian attacks against Israelis killed immoderate 30 group successful 2022.

The Israeli service says astir of nan Palestinians killed person been militants. But stone-throwing youths protesting nan incursions and others not progressive successful confrontations person besides been killed.

Israel captured nan West Bank, Gaza Strip and eastbound Jerusalem successful nan 1967 Mideast war. The Palestinians activity those territories for their hoped-for independent state.