'I get brand new IKEA furniture thanks to a savvy hack - anyone can do it'

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A money-savvy contented creator connected video sharing level TikTok has shared a awesome hack which will fto you recycle your aged IKEA furnishings and get caller items for free


Not everyone knows you tin return aged furnishings to IKEA (stock image)

With nan magnitude of clip galore of america walk astatine home, it's normal to consciousness for illustration you request a spot of a refresh. Maybe you're moreover considering trading disconnected immoderate items and buying caller ones.

One female has shared a savvy hack that will fto you get marque caller IKEA furnishings by returning your aged ones – and it's truthful simple.

Content creator Jess, who regularly shares videos from her location successful Australia, uploaded a video that has now been seen by much than 80k people.

In nan video, Jess said: "Here's really I sewage IKEA furnishings for free. I went to nan website and utilized nan bargain backmost estimator instrumentality to input nan names of furnishings I already own. I selected nan information and sewage an estimation study which I took in-store wherever they inspected everything and gave maine a gift paper which I past utilized to bargain immoderate nutrient and immoderate tiny caller stuff".

She added: "The cleanable measurement to recycle your aged IKEA furnishings and get caller worldly for free!"

Many group successful nan remark conception were amazed arsenic they didn't cognize astir IKEA's recycling scheme.

However immoderate did constituent retired that you technically wouldn't really beryllium getting items for free, arsenic you're returning an point you primitively purchased.

Even so, galore were thankful to cognize astir nan scheme, pinch 1 personification saying: "I NEEDED TO KNOW THIS! Thank you."

Another said: "Queen of hacks."

You tin bring nan afloat assembled furnishings backmost to nan shop (stock image) (


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According to IKEA's website, their Buyback and Resell scheme exists to "give chairs, shelves aliases chests of drawers arsenic galore lives arsenic possible".

It continues: "With Buyback & Resell, you waste america utilized IKEA furnishings you don't request successful a safe, streamlined measurement year-round. You'll get IKEA in-store in installments to refresh your home.

"Someone other buys your aged worldly 2nd manus from america and gives it a caller home. It's 1 small action that tin person a large effect connected your wallet and nan planet."

How overmuch money you'll get for your aged items depends connected its information – for illustration whether it's like-new aliases not.

First you person to find retired if nan point you want to waste is connected IKEA's database of eligible items.

Then you tin usage nan Buyback estimator instrumentality to spot really overmuch you are being quoted for nan item. An IKEA worker will besides request to inspect nan point erstwhile you bring it in-store.

All you request to do is bring it, afloat assembled, pinch your estimation number to your nearest shop wrong 30 days. You tin spend. your refund paper online aliases in-store whenever you want.

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