Harry Kane admits playing different position as a kid helped develop his strongest asset

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Harry Kane has much goals than anyone other who has played for Tottenham aft bagging his signaling breaking 267th onslaught against Manchester City astatine nan weekend

Harry Kane collapsed Jimmy Greaves' grounds for Spurs astatine nan weekend

Harry Kane collapsed Jimmy Greaves' grounds for Spurs astatine nan weekend

For Harry Kane it was very quickly business arsenic accustomed aft his introduction into nan goalscoring Hall of Fame.

He’d hardly soaked up nan adulation for breaking Jimmy Greaves’ grounds to go Tottenham ’s all-time grounds scorer, earlier nan England skipper was already looking astatine Leicester away. Kane's accomplishment was each nan much awesome because he’d scored astir of his goals successful nan toughest convention successful nan world.

The sadistic reality of that aforesaid convention is that this play will beryllium a nonaccomplishment if he can’t get Spurs into nan apical four.

Last period some Arsenal and Manchester City put them successful their Premier League spot to time off galore believing it could beryllium Europa League shot for nan northbound Londoners adjacent season. So revenge complete City won’t matter if Spurs can’t travel it up pinch a King Power triumph adjacent weekend.

That said, Kane believes his extremity has maintained a caller modular that nan players group for themselves successful a squad gathering aft nan Etihad debacle.

"After nan City distant crippled erstwhile we conceded 4 successful nan 2nd half, I said astir really we had a chat amongst ourselves,” said Kane. “We said astir getting backmost to what we're bully at, being compact. We did that against Fulham distant and we did that against City.

“That's nan modular - if we tin do it against 1 of nan champion teams successful nan league, we tin do it against anyone. We request to effort not to autumn beneath those standards successful immoderate game.”

Harry Kane is now Tottenham's top ever extremity scorer (


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Newcastle’s nonaccomplishment to hit West Ham past Saturday intends Spurs now beryllium fifth, conscionable a constituent disconnected nan apical four. They’ve besides kept cleanable sheets successful each of their past 3 games, beating Preston to scope nan Fifth Round of nan FA Cup.

“Clean sheets are really important,” Kane added. “They triumph games. We consciousness for illustration we've sewage capable firepower to people goals and from apical to bottommost we've sewage to make judge we support nan shot retired of nan net."

The tributes are continuing to travel for nan marksman who first scored for Spurs against Shamrock Rovers measurement backmost successful 2011. While City opted for Erling Haaland past summertime aft failing to onshore Kane 2 years ago, nan Englishman has been hailed arsenic nan superior subordinate because of his expertise to connection much erstwhile nan going gets tough.

Kane said: “It's ever been a beardown property of excavation since I was young, knowing nan game, different types of games and positions.

“When I was younger, I spent a batch of clip playing successful midfield, successful defence, arsenic a No.9. I deliberation that really helped maine pinch my improvement to understand different positions connected nan pitch.

“I consciousness for illustration that's astir apt my strongest plus arsenic a player, my brain. The much games I play, nan much acquisition I get and I only get stronger. So I'm successful a bully spot and wins for illustration nan 1 against City are really pleasing for me, nan squad arsenic well.”

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