Harrowing video shows reporter live on TV as earthquake hits Turkey

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Turkey earthquake hits during unrecorded broadcast

Turkey earthquake hits arsenic TV journalist broadcasts live 01:34

Television newsman Yuksel Akalan was broadcasting unrecorded from nan streets of Malatya, Turkey, aft Monday's devastating earthquake erstwhile nan crushed started shaking beneath his feet. Akalan and a group of others connected nan roadworthy are seen taking disconnected down nan thoroughfare arsenic nan shaking begins. As nan cameraman besides turns to run, nan sound of a building collapsing tin beryllium heard.

"As we were heading to nan rubble to (film) hunt and rescue efforts, location were 2 consecutive aftershocks pinch a large noise, and nan building you are seeing connected my near was brought down to earth," Akalan said, according to Reuters. "There was a batch of dust. A section resident is coming and he is covered successful dust."

The video shows Akalan coming upon a mother and her girl successful nan roadworthy and helping them evacuate, urging nan young woman to stay calm.

Hundreds dormant aft earthquake strikes Turkey and Syria 02:26

At slightest 1,900 group were killed and galore much wounded crossed Turkey and Syria erstwhile 2 abstracted earthquakes and aggregate aftershocks deed nan region early Monday. Rescue workers said they expected nan decease toll to climb.

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