Good Burger 2 Officially Announced, Kenan Thompson Issues Statement

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After months of rumors and fans hoping it would happen, a sequel to nan 1997 movie Good Burger starring Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell has officially been greenlit astatine Paramount+.

The news was revealed by some Thompson and Mitchell during Friday’s section of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, pinch Mitchell excitedly yelling retired nan catchphrase “Welcome to Good Burger, location of nan Good Burger,” earlier announcing nan news.

According to a study from Variety, filming connected nan task will statesman successful May, pinch nan plans to debut it connected their Paramount+ streaming work sometime successful 2023.

“I can’t judge it’s been a small complete 25 years since awesome customer work was calved astatine Good Burger!” Thompson said successful a statement. “Being a portion of thing truthful galore generations of group person travel to emotion has made maine truthful proud and now to beryllium backmost wherever it each began moving connected nan sequel is surreal! Love performing pinch my relative Kel and can’t hold to show nan fans what these characters person been up to since we past saw them.”

The conception of Good Burger primitively came from nan Nickelodeon sketch bid All That and saw Mitchell prima arsenic Ed, an worker astatine a accelerated nutrient edifice known arsenic Good Burger. The sketch became truthful celebrated that it became a movie successful 1997, starring some Thompson and Mitchell arsenic labor of nan accelerated nutrient concatenation that find themselves wrapped up successful a ample conspiracy. The movie didn’t make a ton of money but did go a cult classic.

While it’s unclear what nan Good Burger 2 crippled will feature, Mitchell did person immoderate ideas of what it could beryllium past year. In an question and reply pinch ComingSoon, Mitchell teased nan anticipation of Ed moving Good Burger now and seeing “a full caller generation” of labor moving successful nan store.

“I decidedly deliberation Ed would beryllium moving nan spot astatine this point. So, really chaotic aliases funny that would beryllium pinch him moving Good Burger and managing it,” Mitchell said. “I deliberation them looking for [and] seeing these caller labor that are location now, pinch a full caller generation, I deliberation would beryllium really dope too. Having that and them having caller adventures passim that, trying to show these different workers really to get done and them learning them and navigating their stories wrong it.”

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