Ghost gun use in U.S. crimes rose over 1,000% since 2017, report says

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ATF head connected sweeping weapon crimes study

ATF head connected sweeping study search shade guns 05:19

The usage of ghost guns — homemade firearms that tin beryllium built from parts bought online aliases pinch 3D printers — successful U.S. crimes has risen much than 1,000% since 2017, nan Department of Justice said successful a national study released Wednesday. The findings are based connected tracing information collected by nan Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and coming nan astir broad information successful 2 decades connected crime and guns successful nan U.S.  

The collected accusation provides intelligence into antecedently chartless patterns successful nan usage of guns and crime. 

Ghost guns New York City Mayor Eric Adams displays dozens of shade guns recovered by nan NYPD. May 2022. CBS New York

While there's nary information connected really galore shade weapon parts are sold, aliases really galore shade guns exist, nan dramatic emergence successful nan use of these privately-made guns successful crime provides immoderate penetration into nan explosive number of specified guns successful nan hands of nan American public. 

Police-submitted requests to nan ATF to trace shade guns jumped from 1,629 successful 2017, to 19,273 successful 2021, nan study said, while cautioning that this information is astir apt grossly underreported. 

In total, constabulary submitted 1,922,5771 crime guns to ATF for tracing betwixt 2017 and 2021. Chicago topped nan database of cities successful which astir crime guns were recovered.

This is conscionable nan extremity of nan iceberg, Benjamin Hayes, erstwhile ATF typical supplier and branch head astatine nan ATF National Tracing Center, told CBS News. 

"We proceed to nutrient truthful galore firearms, and they are conscionable pouring into nan nationalist domain. The abundance of these firearms and nan myriad of environments successful which they reside, make it easy for personification pinch criminal intent to get a gun," he said.

Under caller national rules regulating shade guns, implemented successful August, commercialized manufacturers of shade weapon assembly kits are required to see serial numbers. Sellers request to beryllium federally licensed, tally inheritance checks earlier trading a homemade weapon kit, and support records of nan purchases for arsenic agelong arsenic they are successful business. 

Investigation finds income of shade guns surging up of caller national regulations 06:07

Vice President Kamala Harris, a erstwhile prosecutor, noted that shade guns airs "an particularly sedate threat to nan information of our communities" because of really easy they are to get and really difficult they are to trace, in remarks astatine nan White House successful April announcing nan regulations. 

Ghost guns are conscionable 1 of nan troubling indicators successful which nan collected accusation provided insights into antecedently unidentified patterns successful nan usage of guns and crime. 

The information besides shows that, often, guns utilized successful crimes person been bought comparatively recently. During nan five-year reporting period, astir 25% of nan guns traced by ATF aft being recovered from crimes had been purchased wrong nan past year, and 46% wrong 3 years aliases less, nan study said.

It's a metric known arsenic "time to crime" — "the magnitude of clip betwixt nan day of a firearm's past known acquisition (often to nan first unit purchaser or, erstwhile further transportation accusation is disposable to nan past known purchaser) to nan day of its betterment by rule enforcement arsenic a crime gun," nan study explains. 

Richmond, Detroit, and Colombia, South Carolina, were among nan cities pinch shorter mean "time to crime" statistic successful nan report, while New York, Baltimore, and San Jose were among those pinch longer mean "time to crime" statistics, indicating a communal pattern, said Daniel Webster, professor and head astatine nan Center for Gun Violence Prevention and Policy astatine John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

"All states pinch nan longest 'time to crime' person nan strongest weapon laws, and mostly speaking, nan shortest 'time to crime' person weakest weapon laws," said Webster. 

Most of nan "crime guns" traced by ATF were recovered little than 10 miles from nan past known purchaser's location — moreover though almost 60% of those guns were utilized by personification other successful nan crime. 

More than 90% of crime guns were brought by males, pinch nan biggest property group betwixt 21 and 25 years old, nan study said.

These are notable rises successful nan information not seen successful erstwhile years, said Webster, correlating to nan monolithic increase successful weapon sales since nan commencement of nan pandemic. 

An estimated 7.5 cardinal Americans became caller weapon owners from Jan. 1, 2019, to April 26, 2021, according to nan 2021 National Firearms Survey. 

For nan first clip successful 2 decades, nan study named nan manufacturers whose guns had been utilized successful crimes. Glock manufactured 20% of nan pistols utilized successful crimes, nan ATF study said, and nan astir communal type of weapon utilized successful a crime was a 9mm pistol. 

ATF utilized to sanction dealers who had sold galore of nan crime guns until nan 2003 Tiahrt Amendment to nan Justice Department appropriations measure ended that practice.

Providing trader accusation alongside weapon shaper information would beryllium adjuvant to power nan travel of guns utilized successful crimes, Webster said.

"There are profits to beryllium made," said Webster. "Some notable number of dealers grow nan marketplace systemically and routinely, and this is 1 of nan large reasons we person accrued weapon violence."

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