FBI to search Pence's Indiana home for more classified documents

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The FBI is expected to hunt erstwhile Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana location for classified documents successful a matter of days, 3 rule enforcement officials told NBC News.

The planned hunt was first reported by nan Wall Street Journal past week.

In a missive to nan National Archives past month, Pence’s counsel said a “small number” of classified documents were recovered astatine nan Indiana residence connected Jan. 16. The lawyer, Greg Jacob, said nan documents turned up aft Pence asked “outside counsel” to look for documents marked arsenic classified, pursuing nan find of classified records astatine President Joe Biden’s Delaware location successful Wilmington, Delaware.

Jacob said nan documents were “inadvertently boxed and transported” to Pence’s location astatine nan extremity of nan Trump management and that nan erstwhile vice president “was unaware of nan beingness of delicate aliases classified documents astatine his individual residence.”

The FBI searched Biden’s house successful Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, past week. No classified documents were recovered during nan FBI’s search, Biden’s individual lawyer, Bob Bauer, said.

“Consistent pinch nan process successful Wilmington, nan DOJ took for further reappraisal immoderate materials and handwritten notes that look to subordinate to his clip arsenic vice president,” Bauer said successful a connection Wednesday.

The FBI antecedently searched nan offices of nan Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement successful mid-November aft classified documents were discovered location connected Nov. 2, NBC News reported past week.

Attorney General Merrick Garland connected Jan. 12 appointed Robert Hur arsenic typical counsel to reappraisal Obama-era classified worldly recovered successful Biden’s Delaware residence and nan Penn Biden Center. House Republicans have besides launched investigations into nan matter.

The find of documents astatine Biden and Pence’s homes comes amid nan DOJ’s investigation of erstwhile President Donald Trump aft classified documents were recovered astatine his Mar-a-Lago edifice successful Florida. FBI agents executed a search astatine Trump’s Florida property successful August and recovered much than 100 classified documents, including immoderate marked apical secret. In December, two much documents pinch classified markings were recovered astatine a Florida retention installation not acold from Mar-a-Lago and turned complete to nan FBI.

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