Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade announces surprise engagement to beau Evan McClintock

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Hailie Jade – nan girl of rapper Eminem – shared her awesome engagement news connected Instagram this day pinch beau Evan McClintock

Eminem's girl Hailie Jade has announced her engagement to beau Evan McClintock.

The societal media star, 27, shared nan delightful news earlier this afternoon, posting respective snaps from Evan's romanticist proposal.

"Casual play recap," she told her 3million followers aft sharing a carousel of pictures, 1 showing her now fiancé down connected 1 knee arsenic he popped nan question.

The happy couple's existent engagement took spot 2 days ago, connected Saturday - but nan station was seemingly delayed for celebrations.

Fans quickly took to nan post's remark conception to congratulate nan pair, pinch immoderate besides making ray of nan infinitesimal - referencing Hailie's celebrated father.

Hailie announced her happy news connected her societal media (



"Looks for illustration his knees were weak," joked 1 follower. While different wrote: "Wonder if he asked nan goat."

A 3rd penned: "Did slim o.k. haha." Another wrote beneath nan picture: "Now to hold for Slim Shady's response."

"Imagine having to inquire Em to wed his daughter," 1 personification commented. While a pal seemed to write: "Couldn't beryllium happier for nan 2 of you."

Hailie and Evan person been linked since 2016 and early reports suggested that Eminem, besides known arsenic Marshall Mathers, was "very approving" of their coupling.

Evan is an executive astatine an investigation guidance institution and is thought to beryllium worthy astir $1-$5million.

Fans person joked astir Evan getting Eminem's approval (


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They started making love aft some attending Michigan State University, Hailie studied psychology, while Evan studied economics.

Hailie antecedently said astir increasing up arsenic nan kid of a celebrity, describing it arsenic "surreal."

Last twelvemonth she reflected connected her puerility connected her podcast Just a Little Shady - which she hosts alongside her puerility champion friend Brittany Edni.

In 1 episode, nan brace - who were described arsenic having been "like sisters" increasing up - talk memories from erstwhile they were some younger.

This included them recalling going connected a circuit autobus together, which they admitted had felt for illustration a "normal" point astatine nan clip - though they now realise it was a "cool" experience.

The happy mates exchanged rings earlier connected Saturday (



Brittany remembered being asked to spell connected nan autobus by Hailie Jade, but said she hadn't known what 1 past - contempt it already being "somewhat normal" to her schoolhouse friend.

Hailie nevertheless commented: "That wasn't for illustration nan full acquisition [though]. We were successful a normal nationalist school. We ne'er thought thing was for illustration different."

She further explained successful nan episode: "When thing for illustration that happened, I thought 'oh for illustration everybody other does this too' not realising that that's for illustration freaking weird."

Hailie Jade added: "Thinking backmost arsenic an adult, I'm for illustration 'wow that's truthful surreal' and those memories of maine conscionable reasoning those were normal things, I'm for illustration 'holy crap that was cool'."

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