Cristiano Ronaldo teammate confirms Al-Nassr problem days after U-turn on contract plan

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Cristiano Ronaldo signed up to play for Al-Nassr for 2 years, but nan 38-year-old's move to Saudi Arabia has not gone to scheme successful nan seasoned forward's first 3 games

Cristiano Ronaldo of Al Nassr

Cristiano Ronaldo has not had it each his measurement astatine Al-Nassr

Cristiano Ronaldo is yet to person a awesome effect since joining Al-Nassr – and his presence successful Saudi Arabia mightiness really beryllium hindering nan squad successful immoderate ways, according to teammate Luis Gustavo.

Ronaldo scored his first extremity for Al-Nassr successful his 3rd crippled connected Friday arsenic Rudi Garcia’s broadside earned a 2-2 tie against Al-Fateh. But a last-minute punishment is each nan Riyadh-based broadside person to show for their £172million-a-year prima truthful far.

The 38-year-old joined Al-Nassr astatine nan commencement of January and, aft being made to hold due to a prohibition hanging complete his head, he made a goalless debut successful a constrictive triumph complete Ettifaq. He followed that crippled pinch different goalless quality arsenic Al-Nassr were dumped retired of nan Saudi Super Cup by Al-Ittihad.

Ronaldo sewage disconnected nan people connected Friday arsenic his 93rd-minute punishment earned a point, but he has not made nan commencement galore expected. Former Bayern Munich midfielder Gustavo believes that is partially because his beingness has led to Al-Nassr’s opponents stepping up their crippled to effort and declare a scalp.

He told RT Arabic : “Certainly, nan beingness of Cristiano makes it difficult for us, arsenic each teams activity to participate against him successful nan champion imaginable way, and he gives information to everyone.”

Nevertheless, ex-Brazil world Gustavo is patient successful his belief that nan positives outweigh nan negatives pinch Ronaldo. “His beingness astatine Al-Nassr gives a awesome advantage to nan group because we study from him everyday, fixed nan awesome capabilities he possesses, some technically and physically,” he added connected nan Manchester United legend.

Al-Nassr's shape has been patchy since Cristiano Ronaldo arrived (


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“ Cristiano Ronaldo was created for challenges and he ever succeeds successful them. And everyone present is waiting for what he will present. He has already scored his first extremity and he truthful sewage free of nan pressure.”

Ronaldo has reportedly signed a statement until 2025 pinch Al-Nassr, which includes his engagement successful Saudi Arabia’s bid to big nan 2030 World Cup. When he moved to nan Middle East, Ronaldo declared afloat committedness to nan caller task and said his profession successful Europe was “over”.

But Al-Nassr leader Garcia has since thrown that declaration into uncertainty by suggesting that nan Portugal skipper has 1 oculus connected a return to his autochthonal continent. He said of Ronaldo: “He is 1 of nan champion players successful nan world. He will not decorativeness his profession astatine Al-Nassr, he will return to Europe.”

Ronaldo turned 38 connected Sunday, meaning he will beryllium 40 by nan clip his Al-Nassr statement expires. The Saudi nine are evidently hoping Ronaldo stays for nan entirety of his record-breaking contract, which they spot arsenic being astir much than conscionable football.

“This is much than history successful nan making,” nan nine connection said upon his arrival. “This is simply a signing that will not only animate our nine to execute moreover greater occurrence but animate our league, our federation and early generations, boys and girls to beryllium nan champion type of themselves.”