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Prince Khaled hails ‘amazing first week’ arsenic Aurelien Giraud and Rayssa Leal triumph golden astatine skate champs opener successful Sharjah

SHARJAH: France’s skateboarder Aurelien Giraud has won nan men’s Street 2022 World Championships astatine Aljada Skate Park successful Sharjah, while Brazil’s 15-year-old Rayssa Leal claimed golden successful nan women’s event.

The Street and Park world championships are being co-organized by World Skate and nan UAE-based maestro developer Arada.

Both events, which tally until Feb. 12 astatine Aljada Skate Park successful Sharjah, enactment arsenic qualifiers for nan 2024 Olympic Games successful Paris.

“We’ve had an astonishing first week and arsenic you would expect from a world championships, nan modular has been incredibly high, nan support has been large and colorful and nan emotions person tally high,” said Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, vice president of Arada, developers of nan competition’s caller venue.

“During nan Street finals, arsenic you’ve seen, it was breathtaking to spot Aurelien Giraud from France and Rayssa Leal from Brazil return golden successful nan men’s and women’s events respectively. Judging by nan tears and celebrations it was evident really overmuch it meant to them to triumph successful Sharjah, and it was a really riveting competition.”

“From a wider perspective, it’s been a genuinely multicultural event, pinch spectators and athletes from 63 nations astir nan world, astir of them travelling to nan Middle East for nan first time,” he added. “We’ve received a batch of affirmative feedback from nan athletes, fans, and our partners astatine World Skate.”

A melodramatic Sunday successful nan men’s Street saw Giraud retired of nan badge positions entering his 4th effort successful nan final’s instrumentality section, wherever a stunning backside 360 claimed 91.48 points and, ultimately, gold. Portugal’s Gustavo Ribeiro earned metallic pinch 267.38 points — not rather capable to hit Giraud’s 269.33 full — while 12-year-old Japanese sensation Onodera Ginwoo took bronze done his 263.04 score.

The women’s last proved incredibly close, pinch Leal — whose apical tally of 83.32 was added to pinch champion instrumentality scores of 85.04 and 87.22 — earning 255.58 points to declare gold. It was a full capable to separator retired 12-year-old Australian Chloe Covell’s 253.51 and Japan’s Momiji Nishiya’s 253.30 into metallic and bronze. Even much impressively, Leal triumphed contempt dense strapping connected a wrist wounded sustained during a autumn successful believe earlier successful nan week.

With nan Street title over, nan action moved swiftly onto nan Park Championship, and Prince Khaled believes some events will person a semipermanent power connected nan athletics successful nan region.

“These championships person already witnessed awesome worldwide sum and person really helped to put Sharjah and Aljada connected nan representation arsenic a caller heavyweight destination for skateboarding globally,” he said. “The Park title is getting underway now, wrapping up connected Sunday Feb. 12, truthful nan eyes of nan skateboarding world are still very overmuch connected nan UAE.”

“Skateboarding is 1 of nan fastest-growing sports globally but I deliberation it’s adjacent to opportunity that nan bigger competitions person mostly been based successful North and South America, Australia, Europe and Japan, wherever nan athletics is already well-known and popular,” said Prince Khaled. “For immoderate athletics to go genuinely global, it needs to travel to places for illustration nan Middle East, and that’s precisely what we’ve done pinch these events.”

Prince Khaled said nan competitions are conscionable nan opening for Arada, and he looks guardant to continuing nan developer’s business pinch World Skate successful nan adjacent future.

“A awesome attraction for america going guardant will beryllium improving nan number of section skaters taking part,” he said. “While we’ve had awesome practice from Bahrain, Oman and Morocco, nan beingness of a world-class installation for illustration nan Aljada Skate Park is really going to thief section skaters return nan adjacent measurement to compete astatine nan highest level and possibly moreover guidelines connected nan podium 1 day.”

Prince Khaled besides revealed his delight astatine handing nan winners their medals successful Sharjah. “From a individual perspective, my activity astatine nan Saudi Sports for All Federation gives maine a batch of opportunities to beryllium engaged astatine each level pinch athletics; I don’t deliberation there’s thing much invigorating,” he said.

“To grant these globally applicable athletes nan medals astatine Aljada, our community, gave maine a batch of pride. To spot everyone connected (the) crushed surviving this immense infinitesimal together, that’s what creating communities is really about.

“To date, Aljada has welcomed thousands of group to watch nan Olympic skateboarding qualifiers, and nan athletes felt our energy, they knew we were rooting for them and holding our activity during nan astir difficult segments,” said Prince Khaled.

Men’s Street 2022 World Championships last points results:

Aurelien Giraud, 269.33 (France)

Gustavo Ribeiro, 267.38 (Portugal)

Ginwoo Onodera, 263.04 (Japan)

Kelvin Hoefler, 248.59 (Brazil)

Richard Tury, 245.52 (Slovakia)

Jagger Eaton, 179.15 (US)

Chris Joslin, 179.08 (US)

Sora Shirai, 155.78 (Japan)

Women’s Street 2022 World Championships last results:

Rayssa Leal, 255.58 (Brazil)

Chloe Covell, 253.51 (Australia)

Momiji Nishiya, 253.30 (Japan)

Rizu Akama, 251.91 (Japan)

Funa Nakayama, 240.79 (Japan)

Gabriela Mazetto, 221.45 (Brazil)

Paige Heyn, 211.71 (US)

Pamela Rosa, 126.52 (Brazil)