Convicted mafia killer nabbed after 16 years on the run, making pizzas

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An Italian fugitive and convicted murderer suspected of belonging to nan 'Ndrangheta syndicate, 1 of Italy's astir powerful organized crime groups, was busted this week aft much than 16 years connected nan run, including years spent moving astatine a pizza edifice successful France, nan Interpol world constabulary agency said.

greco.png Edgardo Greco is seen moving astatine a pizza edifice successful Saint-Etienne, France.    INTERPOL

Edgardo Greco, 63, a fugitive of nan Italian state, was arrested Thursday successful nan metropolis of Saint-Etienne aft coordinated efforts by Italian and French authorities, according to Interpol. Greco was handed a life situation condemnation successful absentia successful Italy connected charges including a double-homicide and attempted execution during a "mafia war" successful nan early 1990s.

Greco escaped from impermanent constabulary custody successful 2006 aft an apprehension warrant was issued pursuing nan sidesplitting of brothers Stefano and Giuseppe Bartolomeo, who were beaten to decease astatine a food marketplace successful nan municipality of Cosenza successful January 1991, and whose bodies were believed to person been dissolved successful acid, according to Italy's nationalist Carabinieri constabulary force. 

Allegedly a personnel of nan Perna-Pranno gang, nan Italian outlaw was "untraceable" for years, nan Carabinieri said, during which clip he took up residence successful nan municipality adjacent Lyon, France, wherever he yet opened his ain pizza parlor.

Operating nether nan othername of Paolo Dimitrio, Greco was featured successful a section newspaper successful 2021, advertizing nan restaurant's authentic Italian cuisine; "I only want to connection location and homemade recipes," he told Le Progres at nan time.

Following his early greeting apprehension this week, a magistrate successful Lyon formally notified Greco of Italy's apprehension warrant earlier placing him successful detention.

'Ndrangheta: Hunting members of nan mafia that's bigger than La Cosa Nostra 01:41

Considered Italy's astir extended and powerful mafia group, nan 'Ndragheta syndicate, based successful nan confederate Calabria region, is believed to person operations connected each continent, pinch beardown ties to nan cocaine waste and acquisition betwixt South America and Europe.

Matteo Piantedosi, nan Italian interior minister, said nan apprehension demonstrated nan country's committedness to "fighting each forms of organized crime and locating vulnerable fugitives," according to Interpol.

Greco is nan 2nd mafia-linked fugitive to make headlines this month, pursuing the high-profile apprehension of most-wanted mob main Matteo Messina Denaro, who was apprehended astatine a backstage Sicilian session aft a 30-year manhunt. His alleged co-conspirator and nan man whose personality Denaro assumed, Andrea Bonafede, was arrested soon thereafter

"No matter really difficult fugitives effort to gaffe into a quiet life abroad, they cannot evade justness forever," Interpol's Secretary General Jurgen Stock said, "Dedicated officers astir nan world will ever guarantee that justness is served."

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