Colorado state apologize for fans chanting Russia at Ukrainian player

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As Utah State men's hoops subordinate Max Schluga stepped up to nan free propulsion statement during Saturday night's crippled against Colorado State, nan 6'4'' inferior heard thing disturbing coming from nan stands. "Russia! Russia!" opposing fans chanted astatine Schluga – who is from Ukraine.

Schluga, whose hometown is Kyiv, still has family successful nan war-torn country, which has been nether onslaught from Russia for almost a year.

After nan game, a connection was posted connected nan Colorado State Rams Twitter. 

Following tonight’s hoops game, we became alert that a mini group of individuals successful our student conception chanted "Russia" astatine a student-athlete from Utah State, who is from nan Ukraine.

— Colorado State Rams 🐏 (@CSURams) February 5, 2023

"Following tonight's hoops game, we became alert that a mini group of individuals successful our student conception chanted 'Russia' astatine a student-athlete from Utah State, who is from nan Ukraine," nan connection reads. 

"On behalf of Colorado State, we apologize to nan student-athlete and Utah State," nan connection continues. "This is simply a usurpation of our patient belief successful nan Mountain West Sportsmanship Policy and University Principles of Community."

The schoolhouse said "every participant, student, and instrumentality should consciousness welcomed" successful its venues, and "for thing for illustration this to person occurred is unacceptable astatine Colorado State."

Some criticized nan apology's usage of "the Ukraine," which is nan measurement Russians typically mention to nan erstwhile Soviet constituent state. Ukraine and Western nations mostly mention to nan independent federation simply arsenic "Ukraine."

Colorado State Head Men's Basketball Coach Niko Medved also shared a connection connected Twitter: "I person truthful overmuch respect for [Utah State University Basketball] and Max Shulga. We person astonishing fans and students but this is not acceptable! My sincere apologies."

The time aft nan game, Utah State Athletics shared a connection astir nan chants toward Schluga, saying they afloat support him and his family successful Ukraine. 

Statement from Utah State Athletics regarding past night’s crippled against
Colorado State.

— Utah State Athletics (@USUAthletics) February 5, 2023

"The incident that occurred during our men's hoops crippled astatine Colorado State past nighttime was inappropriate and unacceptable," nan connection reads. "We admit nan Colorado authorities management and hoops unit for not condoning specified behavior."

Schluga has played successful Ukrainian hoops leagues – moreover during nan warfare pinch Russia. Last summer, he played for his location state successful nan European Championships, during which his squad classed No. 7.

On Saturday, Utah won nan crippled against Colorado – 88 to 79. 

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