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UK officials who oversaw backing of extremist Muslim groups must beryllium sacked: counterterrorism expert

LONDON: UK Prevent programme officials who person overseen nan nationalist backing of Muslim groups that beforehand extremism should beryllium sacked, a counterterrorism master has said successful The Times newspaper.

Prof. Ian Acheson, a elder advisor to nan Counter Extremism Project, which contributed to nan long-delayed Shawcross reappraisal of nan government’s anti-extremism Prevent programme owed to beryllium released this week, called for a stricter attack to Muslim groups that “undermine societal cohesion.”

The review, led by William Shawcross, is expected to knock Prevent for utilizing its $48 cardinal money to supply money to arguable groups, ostensibly to support belief and organization moderation successful nan UK.

Acheson, a erstwhile situation politician who published a reappraisal of Islamist extremism successful UK jails successful 2016, criticized Prevent’s “mission creep,” arguing that “‘securitizing’ increasing numbers of young group for thoughts that will not construe into actions is simply a discarded of clip and scarce resources.”

He cited statistic showing that contempt a surge successful referrals successful caller years — including 2,127 boys classed arsenic “vulnerable” — a mostly of panic attacks successful nan UK since nan program’s motorboat were carried retired by individuals known to nan program.

Acheson wrote successful The Times: “There will beryllium immense interest astatine nan Home Office pinch Shawcross detailing really Prevent backing has been fixed to those who person utilized it to undermine nan effectiveness of nan program.

“Inexplicably we lag down different European governments — Austria for 1 illustration — who return a overmuch dimmer position of non-violent Islamist groups who undermine societal cohesion. Delegitimizing our counterterror strategy is an article of religion pinch immoderate of these groups.

“We request to trace these backing decisions correct backmost to nan officials who made them.

“There must beryllium accountability, if only connected behalf of nan immense numbers of British Muslims successful this state who are wrongly associated pinch those who preach section and onslaught mean Islam.

“We request to return to fundamentals here: Prevent exists to extremity terrorists successful nan making — prioritizing stopping harm — not to supply a creche for an ever-widening cohort of disaffected young adults.

“Shawcross has done nan authorities immoderate work astatine immoderate costs to his reputation, maligned by immoderate figures. Politicians must not fto him down.”