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Upgrading your polycarbonate aliases softsided luggage to aluminum mightiness look for illustration an unnecessary indulgence. But investing successful 1 of these sleek, durable and stylish suitcases will support your cargo good protected successful nan agelong haul.

Here are our apical aluminum luggage picks successful 2023, based connected personification reviews and CBS Essentials testing.

Top products successful this article:

High-end aluminum suitcase: Rimowa Classic Cabin S, $1,400

Great worth aluminum luggage: Away The Aluminum ample cheque in, $745

Best connected a fund aluminum luggage: Level8 Gibraltar aluminum carry-on, $404 (reduced from $430)

Why put successful aluminum luggage? In summation to nan sleek and luxurious look of metal, aluminum is little apt to ace compared to polycarbonate luggage, making it a much semipermanent option.

The biggest downside? Aluminum luggage often weighs much than integrative aliases cloth suitcases. Carry-on suitcases mostly measurement successful nan 10-pound range, while check-in bags whitethorn get up to 16 pounds.

In position of price, expect to salary much for aluminum, arsenic nan costs of materials and accumulation is higher. Keep successful mind that brands for illustration Rimowa connection complimentary attraction and warranty circumstantial parts that mightiness break complete nan years.

The champion aluminum luggage you tin bargain

We rounded up immoderate of nan best check-in luggage and carry-on luggage from brands for illustration Rimowa, Away, Tumi, Zero Halliburton and Level8. Check retired nan apical rated picks beneath aliases position our apical picks for the champion luggage of 2023.   

Rimowa Classic aluminum luggage

rimowa-check-in-l.jpg Rimowa

This high-end, celeb-favorite Rimowa Classic Cabin S suitcase features TSA-approved locks, a height-adjustable flex divider and a telescopic handle. The L (larger) container measures a small much than 30 inches and weighs 13.2 pounds, while nan slightly smaller M (medium) bag measures 27.6 inches and weighs 11.7 pounds. The cabin-sized type measures 21.7 inches and weighs conscionable 9.2 pounds.

Rimowa precocious added nan Pilot Case to their lineup, perfectly sized and shaped for nan walking master aliases commuter astatine 16.5 inches and 10.8 pounds. You tin adhd your sanction to nan hold database to beryllium notified erstwhile nan Pilot Case is available. 

Rimowa Classic Cabin S, $1,400

Rimowa Classic Check-In M, $1,700

Rimowa Classic Check-In L, $1,835

Rimowa Original Pilot Case, $1,500

Away The Aluminum postulation

away-aluminum.jpg Away

Away Travel offers sleek, functional suitcases astatine a reasonable value point. Jet setters will admit nan removable, rechargeable artillery for on-the-go telephone charging, nan easy-to-set TSA-approved fastener and soft rolling spinner wheels.

Away's upgraded aluminum version offers a much wallet-friendly replacement to Rimowa pinch nan aforesaid features arsenic nan durable polycarbonate bags that put nan marque connected nan map. The aluminum type comes successful 4 sizes: 2 carry-ons and 2 check-in. It's disposable successful 3 metallic tones: silver, onyx achromatic and roseate gold. The smaller carry-on weighs 10.1 pounds, nan medium-sized 10.6, nan smaller check-in 13.3 pounds and larger version, 16 pounds.

Away The Aluminum carry-on, $625

Away The Aluminum ample cheque in, $745

Tumi 19 Degree aluminum check-in

tumi-aluminum.jpg Tumi

Tumi crafted this sleek suitcase retired of lightweight aluminum. Features including TSA-approved locks, soft swivel wheels and an impact-resistant telescoping grip for all-around easy maneuverability. Interior highlights see compression straps, a removable garment sleeve and tons of zipper compartments for organization.

Worried astir losing your luggage? As portion of nan Tumi Tracer program, nan container includes a 20-digit number for easy identification.

Tumi 19 Degree aluminum luggage, $1,425

Zero Halliburton Continental aluminum carry-on

zero-94224-05-silver-dragon2-wb.jpg Zero Halliburton

The luxurious 22-inch, 12.5-pound Zero Halliburton Continental suitcase fits overhead connected astir home flights and boasts a soft moving instrumentality strategy trademarked by nan brand. A three-stage telescopic handle, TSA-compliant fastener system, leather accents and a roomy interior pinch tons of organizational features make nan brushed metallic suitcase a keeper. Its smaller size besides makes it a awesome prime for roadworthy trips. Available successful silver, achromatic and bronze. 

Zero Halliburton Continental aluminum carry-on, $1,095

Level8 Gibraltar aluminum carry-on

level8.jpg Level8

Crafted retired of aerospace-grade aluminum magnesium alloy, nan Gibraltar aluminum carry-on, disposable successful metallic and gray, weighs 10 pounds and fits neatly successful nan overhead bin of an airplane aliases nan trunk of a car. Keyless and zipperless, nan sleek suitcase besides boasts TSA-approved locks, 360-degree durable spinner wheels and comes pinch a four-piece organizer container set.

Level8 Gibraltar aluminum carry-on, $404 (reduced from $430)

More top-rated luggage options

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