Authorities in Hood River, Oregon, say no injuries after report of "active shooter"

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Residential areas and businesses were evacuated and schools placed connected lockdown successful nan bluish Oregon municipality of Hood River Thursday afternoon, aft nan constabulary responded to an "active shooter situation." The authorities later clarified that an "individual was contained successful his house" and that only adjacent residents needed to enactment successful place. 

There were nary reported injuries, constabulary said.

A small aft 12:30 p.m. section time, nan Hood River Police Department reported "an progressive shooter situation" successful an area adjacent a Dairy Queen. The Hood River County School District said respective area schools were placed connected lockdown while section rule enforcement searched for a personification successful nan area, but 2 hours later schoolhouse officials informed connected Facebook that nan lockdowns had been lifted "after rule enforcement agencies located and surrounded nan suspect."

Hood River is located astir 60 miles eastbound of Portland, connected nan Oregon-Washington border. 

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